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We have divided all the subjects in the Pack of 4. This allows for easy enrolment into one subject group (Pack) than to mandatorily take all the subjects. We are committed to provide you a completely flexible course structure.

Civil Laws
Fees INR 7,500/-
(Incl. all charges)

Indian Contract Act
Indian Sale of Goods Act
Indian Partnership Act
Specific Relief Act
Transfer of Property Act
Registration Act

Criminal Laws
Fees INR 7,500/-
(Incl. all charges)

Indian Penal Code
Negotiable Instruments Act
Juvenile Justice Act
POCSO & Probation of Offenders Act
Domestic Violence Act

Core Laws
Fees INR 13,500/-
(Incl. all charges)

Constitution of India
Administrative Law
Interpretaion of Statutes
Hindu Law & Muslim Law

Procedural Laws
Fees INR 16,500/-
(Incl. all charges)

Civil Procedure Code
Code of Criminal Procedure
Indian Evidence Act

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All Subjects Fees

Standard Fee: INR 45,000
For 1st 100 Regsitrations:
INR 22,500

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